How To Update QuickBooks Desktop To Latest Release

Here you will learn how you can Update QuickBooks Desktop To Latest release.

There are two ways you QuickBooks can be updated to the latest release which are the manual and automatic update. Enabling Automatic update will Update QuickBooks Desktop as soon as the new update is released.

In case you have your automatic update feature turned off, it is recommended that you Update QuickBooks Desktop at least once every month manually.


Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release


Updating a QuickBooks Software to latest release means that you are changing the old database with a new and efficient one. Usually, updates only require few data to be changed and you also do not need to update your company file on every update.

Updating QuickBooks every time does not mean upgrading your product version which is a major update and also requires your company file to be upgraded. Intuit time to time releases minor update patches which include improvement in performance and various bug fixes.


How to check your current version of QuickBooks?


  • Press “F2” Key on your keyboard while QuickBooks is open.
  • Now check the currently installed version and date of release in the Product info window.
  • Now simply check the latest release that is available for your Product.

Automatic Update


If you prefer automatic updates on your QuickBooks then there are 2 options you can choose from which are-


Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open Help menu in QuickBooks and choose “Update QuickBooks”.
  • When you are on update QuickBooks window switch to Update Now tab. Here you will see a table which you don’t need to mess up with.
  • In case you want to erase all previous download for the update then checkmark “Reset Updates”.

Note: This might increase the total time that your update will take to complete.

  • Click on Get Updates.
  • Once the the update process is completed restart the application. If prompted to install the update then simply accept it.


Option 2- Download Updates Automatically in the future.

Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open Help menu in QuickBooks and choose “Update QuickBooks”.
  • When you are on QuickBooks Update window switch to Options Tab.
  • Select the Radio button available for Yes if you want automatic updated to be turned on.
  • In case you want to share the Update file to your other systems on network select the Yes radio button available for share download.
  • Click on close. Now you are all set for automatic updates.


Manual Update


If you prefer updating your QuickBooks Manually then you are provided with 3 options you can choose from-

Option 1- Update within QuickBooks


  • Close your company file and QuickBooks application.
  • Apply right click on QuickBooks icon and select “Run as administrator”.
  • When you are on “No Company Open” window, open the help menu and then select “ Update QuickBooks”.
  • Switch to the Options tab and then choose “Mark All” and then click on save.
  • Now switch to update now tab the checkmark option for Reset Update.
  • Click on get updates.
  • Close QuickBooks Application once update is completed. 
  • Launch QuickBooks application again and if it asks you to install the latest update agree to it.
  • Restart the computer once the update is installed.


Option 2- Downloading update from the Internet.


  • Open Download and Update Web page in your browser.
  • Click on “Select Product” dropdown, Here you need to select the QuickBooks Product you’ve been using.
  • Click on “Select Version” dropdown, Here select the Version year of your product.
  • Click on Search.
  • Choose “ Get the latest updates” and then click on Save File. The download will start.
  • Once the downloadable file in on your computer applies double click on it to launch setup.
  • Once the update is completed Restart your computer.


Option 3: ULIP ( Critical Fixes)


ULIP or Ultralight patch is a feature provided to QuickBooks Users which Fixes Critical files which are very minor but important. This type of update does not need actual release patch.

Follow Option 2 to apply ULIP critical fix on your computer. Make sure that Critical Fixes is selected.

Update QuickBooks Desktop

This would br a great help in resolving your problem if this doesn’t help please contact quickbooks support team to get instant fix to it.

Reach QuickBooks Customer Service on 1-800-416-8574


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