How to update QuickBooks Desktop to latest release

Using Quickbooks to keep track of your accounting activities is no doubt a wise decision but it is also very important to keep QuickBooks Desktop updated to the latest release, just to make sure you are not lacking behind updated technology, Intuit make updates on there software on regular intervals just to make improvement on the software. It is very easy to update quickbooks desktop to latest release, just make sure you follow the steps mentioned in this article.

How to update QuickBooks

First of all let me brief you the purpose of these updates, these updates are made by Intuit just to improve performance and to fix the known issues automatically,  all these updates ( also known as maintenance releases or patches ) are completely free of cost. Lets come to the point,  How to update QuickBooks Desktop to latest release, here is what you need to know, there are few alternatives which can be used to update Quickbooks desktop let me name them

update QuickBooks Desktop to latest release

Update QuickBooks Desktop to latest release

  • Automatic Update Method : By opting this feature you enable automatic update on quickbooks which means Quickbooks will automatically build a connection with Intuit server to check if any new update is available in case there is any update available software will automatically download and Install the  update. BY default this feature is enabled on your accounting software and it can be turned off anytime. Automatic update can be enabled and disabled from within the software.
  • On Demand Update Method : Also known as Immediate update method, this method gives privilege to Quickbooks user to download then update from the Intuit website and Install it anytime. It is highly recommended to check updates at least once or twice in a month, to stay updated.
  • Release Download : In case you are experiencing any issue with automatic or Immediate update you may update quickbooks desktop with this method. It is highly recommended to update all the versions of quickbooks on the same computer, in case you are using more than 1 Quickbooks version on same computer or if you are using it on Quickbooks multi user mode, If you don’t this may result in prompting Error messages opening the company file or simply Quickbooks would not open.
  • Manual Update : Manual update is also the same method in which you download the latest update patch file from the intuit website and then install it manually on your computer

These are the methods used to update QuickBooks desktop, Incase you experience any difficulty to update quickbooks desktop to latest release you may contact for Quickbooks support any time on our Quickbooks support phone number

Update and Upgrade Quickbooks Desktop

Both the terminologies are different from one another, update is just an effort done to make the same version or program more modern and Upgrading Quickbooks means to replace the old program or version with a newer version. Mostly people are confused in update and upgrade.


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