QuickBooks Multi User Setup

QuickBooks can be easily used simultaneously on more than one computer, firstly quickbooks should be installed on all the computers with a separate license number  (quickbooks has to be purchased for every computer), although company file can be stored on one computer which will act as a server computer. With the help of QuickBooks Multi User mode person can easily access and make changes on a company file simultaneously Quickbooks multi user setup can be done on all the version of quickbooks.

  • Upto 3 users can work simultaneously on QuickBooks Desktop pro
  • Upto 5 users can work simultaneously on QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  • Upto 30 users can work simultaneously on QuickBooks Enterprise solutions

Once the installation of Quickbooks is finished on all the computers it is recommended to update quickbooks to the latest release. Now follow all the steps mentioned below to finish Quickbooks multi user setup

QuickBooks Multi User Setup

Step 1 – Host multi user access :

In order to make this change person has to be logged in as the administrator or with admin rights on the computer

  1. Log in to Quickbooks
  2. If you moved company file from an older version of quickbooks to the newer version you will be prompted to to update the company file
  3. Update the company file
  4. Now click on File > Utilities and then click on Host Multi-User Access.
  5. If instead of Host Multi-User Access you get Stop Hosting Multi-User Access that means you right configuration in this case move to next step

Step 2 – Scan Company file with QuickBooks Database Server Manager :

  1. On the server computer (Computer on which the company file is located) Open Start menu > Program > Quickbooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  2. > Scan folder
  3. > Add folder
  4. Now choose the folder in which the company file is located and then click on OK
  5. Incase you are not sure where the company file is located you may again add a additional folder
  6. If you want the entire disc to be scanned in case you are not at all sure about the file you scan the entire disc
  7. Begin the scan by clicking on scan button
  8. After completion of scan you have to click on close

Step 3 – Grant permissions to Additional users :

  1. Now you have to add users to the company file and grant them access to it
  2. In order to ensure optimum security to the data on your company file it is highly recommended to put a password on your company file.

Step 4 – Make all users to log in to Company File

  1. Open Quickbooks desktop on all the computers on the network
  2. Log in to the company file and check if everything is Quickbooks multi user setup is successful

Most probably by following these steps you will be able to do Quickbooks multi user setup successfully. This is how to setup quickbooks multi user network on your computers, in case this doesn’t help you may contact quickbooks support team 24/7.


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