How to set up Quickbooks to Multi-user mode / Network

If you have a doubt that is it possible to use Quickbooks simultaneously on more than one computer than I would say you are at the right place. The answer for that doubt is Yes Quickbooks can be used simultaneously on more than one computer. This can be done by setting up Quickbooks Multi-user mode, but in order to do so Quickbooks must be installed on all the computers or on all the workstations where you want to use it. Company file would stay on one computer and that computer would act as an Server and once we are done successfully setting up the quickbooks multi user mode that company file can be accessed from all the desired workstations connected to that that Network / Server.

Quickbooks Multi-user mode

How to set up Quickbooks Multi-user mode / Network

To start the set up you must have a separate, Licensed copy of quickbooks Installed on all the workstations where you want to use Quickbooks simultaneously.

  •   QuickBooks Pro can allow maximum three users
  •   QuickBooks Premier can allow maximum five users
  •   QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions can allow maximum thirty users

1st Step: Install QuickBooks

  • Turn on the computer
  • Download Quickbooks or Insert the Disk
  • Proceed with the Installation
  • Choose Multi-user Host Installation

2nd Step: Host Quickbooks on multi-user access

  • These steps are to be done on the workstation where the company file is located
  • Login to Quickbooks
  • You might be prompted to update the company file
  • Update the company file
  • On left top corner of the Quickbooks window you will see the File button
  • Click on it and you will see a drop down menu
  • In that drop down menu you will see Utilities
  • Click on it and then click on Host Multi-User Access

3rd Step: Install and Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Download and Install the Quickbooks Database Server Manager on the computer where the company file i located

  • Now on the left bottom corner of the screen there is Start button Click on it
  • Go to Programs > Quickbooks > and then click on Quickbooks Database Server Manager
  • Click on Add Folder
  • Choose the folder where your company file is located
  • Begin the the scan by clicking on Scan button once scan is completed close it

After reading above mentioned article you would be able to successfully set up QuickBooks to Multi user mode / Network

In case you find any difficulty while setting up Quickbooks Multi-user mode or need any assistance feel free to contact Quickbooks Support team

1-800-416-8574 Quickbooks Support phone number


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