Why QuickBooks Keep Freezing and How to fix it?

QuickBooks has been one of the best user friendly accounting software which helps its user’s to manage convoluted accounting tasks with ease. However, sometimes user might experience an issue while using the software. QuickBooks starts freezing due to which, it also slows down. This freezing also creates a new off scene window which runs in the background moreover the user is not able to close nor see it completely. Due to this you are not able to open your company file or any other window and QuickBooks Keep Freezing every time you try to open it.

QuickBooks Keep Freezing

Reasons why QuickBooks Keep Freezing

  • Sometimes useless QuickBooks junk data is not cleaned up due to which this happens
  • Computer running on outdated operating system due to which QuickBooks Keep Freezing
  • Applications running in background which uses regular data and space on the computer which than creates such problem on your quickbooks desktop.

How to fix if QuickBooks Keep Freezing :

  • Press ESC button on your keyboard. Doing this close opened window and reset its position to current viewable area.
  • Locate “Clean up Company File” from the FILE option. This will clean all useless unwanted junk files.
  • Deleting system cache and temporary files can also help in some cases to get rid of this
  • Run QuickBooks File Doctor and rebuild, this will help you to identify some other issue’s which can also be major cause behind the freezing issue.
  • If still you experience this issue, you will have to contact the QuickBooks Support Team, So that we look into it and take necessary steps to fix the problem which will result in fixing QuickBooks Keep Freezing problem on your quickbooks desktop.

All the troubleshooting mentioned above will definitely result in resolving  the issue that you are experiencing with your quickbooks desktop, Incase this troubleshooting does not help, feel free to contact

24/7 Quickbooks support phone number 1-800-416-8574

QuickBooks Keep Freezing


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