QuickBooks file doctor download

Do you face any issue while using QB Enterprise edition, QB Premier, or QB Pro? If yes, then the best solution you will need is QuickBooks file doctor. The QuickBooks software plays a vital role in managing different tasks, like preparing taxes, making invoices, and tracking expenses, etc., thus improving the output of the trade, But, similar to other tools made by a human, this software also gets some technical issues that affect the productivity of the user. To help the operators of the QB, Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, made another tool called QBFD (QB File Doctor). The fantastic tool makes the users prevent the QuickBooks company files problems before they appear not to be recoverable. The File Doctor Tool, with helping the data impairment, also helps to sort out different network issues of QuickBooks. It is the best gadget that works best to handle the problems while functioning with QuickBooks, know more about QuickBooks file doctor download.

Multiple users of QuickBooks encounter errors and issues relevant to the damaged or corrupt QuickBooks Company File. Moreover, the users of QuickBooks Desktop that have company files present in multiple

locations or multi-user functionality face issues of networking in QuickBooks. As the owner of minor business, there must be some options for combating these conditions. Here comes the role of QuickBooks file doctor. The QB file doctor is a tool started by Inuit QB that can assist you in overcoming numerous issues with the help of software.

QuickBooks file doctor download

All about QuickBooks File Doctor

A tool that aids in identifying and fixing the damaged files in the QuickBooks Desktop is QuickBooks file doctor. Moreover, it is best for troubleshooting the network issues in Intuit QuickBooks. It is a great tool to fix multiple common issues with QB network problems along with the QuickBooks company file.

Nowadays, the QB file doctor is a mixture of two diagnostic tools. After that, the software developers at Intuit made a company file data damage repairing tool and network diagnostic tool in a new tool renowned as QuickBooks file doctor. When you encounter any issue in Intuit QB, it is suggested to install QuickBooks Desktop file doctor before you are going to call the support centre.

Types of QuickBooks file doctor tool

When it comes to talking about the kinds of QuickBooks file doctor tool, there are two main categories:

The QB Built-in file doctor, present for QB Desktop2016 and later. The next one is the QB file doctor stand-alone version.

What do you require to use QuickBooks File Doctor?

Here are some points that are necessary before using the QuickBooks Doctor:

· Before you access the tool, you must have the credentials of administration.

· The user must have a good internet connection for accessing the file doctor tool.

· The company file must have a limit of not more than 2 GB that you need to check.

· It is compulsory that you must have downloaded a version of QuickBooks so that the file doctor tool can function best.

· We suggest you upgrade the newest version of QuickBooks before you access QFD.

· The QB File Doctor Tool is accessible for the Windows Operating SYstem versions of QuickBooks. Now, this tool does not work for the MAC versions.

QuickBooks file doctor download

First, download the Intuit QB hub tool. After that, install QuickBooks file doctor 2018, there you can choose it from a list of accessible options. Also, you can go for direct downloading the doctor QuickBooks repair tool via visiting the link.

With QB 2016 versions and later, the QB file doctor comes preinstalled. But, if you use the old versions of Intuit QB Desktop, you can download and then install it manually.

Issues and Errors Resolved by QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file doctor download

The Intuit QB errors start with the series of 6000, and there are two numbers after 6000, and these errors seem when you are trying to use, open, or create an already present company file. You can resolve the issue efficiently by the QuickBooks file doctor tool.

· QB Error -6000 -77

· QB Error -6150

· QB Error -6000 -305

· QB Error-6130

· QB Error -6000 -82

· QB Error-6147

· QB Error -6000-301

· The data misplaced from the company file like employees, vendors, and customers.

Also, the QuickBooks file doctor tool helps with errors that start with H, which means that QuickBooks cannot connect with the server PC having the company file of QuickBooks.

·        QuickBooks Error H202

·        QuickBooks Error H101

·        QuickBooks Error H505

·        QuickBooks Error H303

All the errors mentioned above can be identified and resolved by downloading the QuickBooks doctor tool.

Limitations of QuickBooks File Doctor

·        You must have an available username as well as password for scanning a company file using a file doctor

·        The company file of size 3GB cannot be processed through the QBFD tool.

·        You must have the Microsoft .NET on your computer and run the tool.

How to Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

QuickBooks file doctor download

·        Go to the tools hub, choose the option of Company File Errors

·        Select Run File Doctor QuickBooks

·        Choose the necessary company file in QB File Doctor tool. If you cannot locate the company file name, go to the               right place.

·        Click on Continue

·        Write Username and Password and press the ‘Next’ button.

This procedure will initiate to process your company file and find network issues and damages. Depending on the data size, it requires 3 to 5 minutes. After that, when the tool has done with the company file processing, start QuickBooks again and go to the company files for the verification of data reliability.

The method to Install and Run QuickBooks File Doctor after QuickBooks file doctor download

Here are the steps that you can apply to QB version 2016 and the later

·        Open QB Desktop and go to the company files.

·        Open the File menu, choose Utilities, and Restore File to initiate the File Doctor.

·        Find via the company file.

·        Select from the options of network issues or company file issues.

·        Add your QB ID as well as password and choose ‘Next.’

·        When the file has handled your company file, you can restart QuickBooks Desktop and go to those company files.

Benefits of QuickBooks file doctor tool

·        This tool is excellent in resolving network problems.

·        The QB errors such as -6000series can make the usage of the QB file doctor file.

·        Another advantage of it is that it permits the users for fixing the error such as H505, H303, H202, and H101.

·        The file doctor tool can help the user a lot if he has misplaced some essential data.

·        QBFD can work if the operator is trying to get the company file in one PC, that is saved in another device.

·        The QuickBooks file doctor tool is a protector when the data is about to damage.

Essential things about QuickBooks File Doctor tool

Here are some critical things that you should know:

·        Before you are going to download the latest version, you should uninstall the already present QBFD.

·        All the QuickBooks versions of 2015 with the inbuilt file doctor tool, it is suggested that you can use the external tool.

·        The QuickBooks File Doctor is best for all the QB desktops for the windows versions.

·        This tool does not work best with the QB for MAC.

·        Categories of File Doctor Tool:

ü  QB File Doctor stand-alone form (you can download it from the Google)

ü  Built-in file doctor (present in all the QB of 2016 version and later).

·        QuickBooks File doctor may seem on its own in the condition of some problems. Just click on the ‘Start’ button and permit the tool to do its work.

The possibilities of results after QuickBooks file doctor download
1. QuickBooks File doctor did not recognise an issue:

The first case you can see is when the QuickBooks File Doctor tool cannot find out the item. In this case, the operator is needed to sign in to the company file and then if the problem persists, start with the setup of Auto Data Recovery and go in the transactions from the last backup.

2. QuickBooks File doctor did recognise
the error and can solve it:

If it helped check out the issue and resolve it, it is a piece of great news. So, you just need to follow the option of ‘Open new company’ when all the process completes.

3. QuickBooks File doctor checked
the error but cannot fix it:

Also, in this condition, the QB will suggest the Auto Data Recovery Setup and add the transactions from uploading the file or the last backup.

How compatible is the QuickBooks File doctor tool?

·        For the  QB Desktop 2016 version and later, the QuickBooks file doctor toll has become the built-in device.                       QuickBooks File doctor works excellent with all kinds of QB desktop for the version of Windows.

·        It is known that QuickBooks File Doctor Tool has no compatibility with the versions of QuickBooks for MAC.

Possible Results of using QuickBooks File Doctor

Here are the results that you will observe after checking a file via Intuit File Doctor:

The file doctor does not show any error or issue – if this tool does not detect any problem in the company file, after that, you can sign in back to the company file. If you cannot open the company file, I suggest you keep it to the Auto Data Recovery setup.

The problem is detected by QuickBooks File Doctor Tool and can solve – if this tool works in finding the problem and solving it, so it is excellent news for you. Choose the option ‘Open New Company File’ when the process gets done.

QuickBooks File Doctor has found the issues but cannot resolve – If this tool finds the problem but cannot solve it, then we recommend you to set the Auto Data Recovery and record all the transactions from the last backup you did. Also, you can upload the company file.

What to Do After Repairing QuickBooks?

When you have done all the work with finding and repairing the method, you are suggested for backing up the data of the company file and make the backup data folder in the detachable hard drive. For example, it is the best idea to back up your folder at the end of each month. Still, if you are facing the problem, contact our team. We are available 24/7 for your assistance. We will provide you with the best resolution and support for your issues. Contact QuickBooks Support team to know more about QuickBooks file doctor download

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