Quickbooks File Doctor Download

Like other tools, QB file doctor is easy to use and download. This tool belongs to quickbooks software which was introduced by Intuit. In comparison, no other accounting software is as robust as quickbooks. Due to its incredible functions it is called a host of complicated tasks comprising expense tracking, invoice creation, tax preparations and other complex accounting operations that play an important role to boost up the performance of businesses. Nonetheless, this is a man made tool, and like other human created software, it also shows malfunctioning due to some reasons that eventually affect the quickbooks operations productivity. Such errors might annoy users very easily, but after giving a thorough read to this article, no user will ever get annoyed by these errors. We have explicitly discussed simple methods to fix quickbooks errors using Quickbooks File Doctor Tool and also mentioned the easy way to download this tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor download

Handling accounting and finance operations was never easy, even with the help of software the operations could make human accounting functions easy. Then Intuit launched quickbooks, that took over the hold of this market and became leading accounting software. It has brought ease to the daily life accounting functions and also made process efficient through few clicks. With the passage of time, Intuit added more tools in quickbooks desktop and eventually made a hub for all the tools.

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In the quickbooks tool hub, a very cooperative tool was introduced by Intuit, named as QBFD that is an abbreviation of Quickbooks File Doctor tool. This is the tool that is known for it proactive approach i.e. it hinders the errors (cause by company file) to damage the system before the situation gets out of control by users of quickbooks. It prevents the data damage prior to unmanageable circumstances and also takes responsibility of network issues. The QBFD has a user friendly interface that any layman can use it easily, and also he/she can manage other stubborn errors in quickbooks while efficiently handling other tasks.

QuickBooks file doctor download

Ahead is a detailed article about the usage, benefits and other informative guidelines about QB file doctor tool. If you want to learn about each and every aspect of QB file doctor then be sure that you are at the right platform. We understand that there is always a room for improvement, therefore if your are new or even old quickbooks user and want more knowledge about quickbooks or its tools then feel free to contact quickbooks technical support team any time at +91XXXXXXX for a quick response. The relevant and precised information will also be provided, once you get in touch with support team, they will direct you to the relevant certified professionals of quickbooks with all rights reserved.

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Introduction To Quickbooks File Doctor Tool (QBFD)

The quickbooks file doctor tool also known as QBFD tool acts like a repair tool of quickbooks basically. The issues like damaged files of company, corrupt data/company file, connectivity issues, network issues etc., can be occurred in quickbooks due to mishandling by new users but you do not need to worry about these stubborn errors, as file doctor quickbooks takes responsibility of all such issues and keeps the system’s performance smooth. This tool was developed with high end technology and was designed in a way that could recognize, troubleshoot and recover the company files infected with errors while keeping the flow of work smooth in file doctor quickbooks software. The quickbooks file doctor or QBFD tool (also known by name repair tool of quickbooks) is so robust in nature that it give access to users of quickbooks to identify the errors like file/network issues, error diagnosis, type of file issues, data corruption, windows issues, download file issues, and many such issues that could possibly occur in quickbooks software.

QuickBooks file doctor download

While working with QB file doctor tool, the user of quickbooks can easily perform error identification recognition and troubleshoot them that they could possibly face at the time when users open company file or data file, company files that are badly corrupted, and some error codes including quickbooks error -6000, -82, quickbooks error -6000, -305, and quickbooks error -6147, also network errors including Error H505, Error H303, Error H202, and Error H101. In year 2012, the QB file doctor tool was introduced by Intuit, but prior to its launch of this incredible tool, quickbooks by Intuit was having two different software programs useful for troubleshooting of numerous quickbooks errors. Those programs were efficient and were known with the names: Quickbooks Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool and QB Company File Diagnostic Tool. With the passage of time these two different but amazing programs were merged to introduce a single entity robust software tool that was names as Quickbooks File Doctor Tool, that is abbreviation of QBFD.

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In early 2014 with latest R5 version of quickbooks, the tool QB file doctor was designed and developed. But the basic functions of file doctor hardly helped users of quickbooks in troubleshooting errors relevant to data file and network, moreover this tool was not even able to be of any help to users of quickbooks in accessing data file or company files or even troubleshoot any type of errors back then.

Time by time technology absorbs more advancements and in the same way QB file doctor tool became smarter and efficient. It helps quickbooks users to troubleshoot errors that exist in the computer system, user is simply required to download QB file doctor tool, download it and run it.

In What Situations The Quickbooks File Doctor Tool Can Be Used?


Since QB file doctor is a smart and efficient tool it helps users to troubleshoot many errors, some of them are listed below:

All the listed errors are stubborn but can be removed easily if the user install quickbooks file or download quickbooks file doctor in his/her QB desktop file.



What Are Advantages Of QBFD Tool?

Being an efficient problem solver of quickbooks, QBFD benefits in many ways. Following are the benefits of QB file doctor:

  • The company file issues and network errors can be recognized and resolved by using QB file doctor tool.
  • Common errors that user face while using quickbooks like -6000 error series, can be handled by downloading and using quickbooks file doctor.
  • The quickbooks file doctor tool is useful when a user encounters bugs like error H101, error H202, error H303, and error H505.
  • While working on quickbooks desktop, if the user happens to lose data accidentally then quickbooks file doctor could be beneficial in retrieving data.
  • While working on quickbooks desktop, sometimes user cannot open company file or data file which are located on other computer system, here QBFD works by reaching to that company file with its incredible features.
  • If there is a case in which important data file or company file might get damaged, then quickbooks user can overcome this error by just having quickbooks file doctor tool installed on his/her system.

Quickbooks File Doctor Tool Key Points

There are so many scenarios where quickbooks file doctor tool benefits users to get rid of technical errors that are not easy to fix by a layman. This tool has some more features and prerequisites to know before using it to fix your quickbooks errors, those are following:

  • It is prerequisite of quickbooks file doctor tool to get the latest version of quickbooks, but before digging down about the versions of quickbooks, the user is required to uninstall or delete the existing version first, and then install the newest version.
  • The quickbooks versions that came after the year 2015 has built-in quickbooks file doctor tool, therefore we recommend users of quickbooks to get explicit quickbooks file doctor tool version.
  • The compatibility of quickbooks file doctor tool has been proven in windows versions of all quickbooks desktop.
  • The quickbooks file doctor tool does not entirely support the quickbooks for Mac.
  • There are two main types of of quickbooks file doctor tool: one is quickbooks stand alone version, this is user friendly and even layman can i stand-alone version nstall quickbooks easily from internet; while the other type is called built-in QB file doctor tool, which is exclusively available in quickbooks versions that launched in 2016 or in other latest versions.
  • In case if the system identify some errors or bugs then spontaneous occurrence of quickbooks file doctor tool takes place. To perform this action, go to the icon Start and press it, the remaining role will be of this tool, let it contribute to the fullest.
  • Sometimes, the above mentioned action does not take place in quickbooks on its own, then for this case, we have given proper guideline to follow.

The Compatibility Level of QBFD Tool

  • For the quickbooks versions of 2016 or the versions that were launched after that, have built-in file doctor tool. Also, for the windows versions of quickbooks desktop, the quickbooks file doctor tool does not show compatibility.
  • Moreover, it is important to mention that quickbooks repair tools does not show compatibility for Mac versions of quickbooks.

Two Important Types of Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Considering the numerous factors like compatibility, features and functioning, the quickbooks file doctor tool has been divided with two categories, which are following:

1. Built-In

One of the two types is Built-in Quickbooks File Doctor Tool, this is exclusively available in quickbooks desktop version that launched in 2016 or in years after that.

2. Stand Alone

The other important type of quickbooks file doctor tool is Version Stand Alone, for all the users this type of QBFD can easily be downloaded via an authentic and all rights reserved website. Moreover, this version of QB file doctor tool is usually operated from the system having server in which quicbooks database server manager along with its components is installed.

System Requirements

> Network Identification and Repairing:

Admin and login usage in windows quickbooks.

> Quickbooks Company File Repairing:

In computer system, this is not an installation compulsion.

> Multiple-user Mode Identification and Repairing:

Quickbooks verify through host having active mode.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Stand Alone Version Usage Guideline

It is quite easy to use stand alone version of quickbooks repair tool, but since it is a software tool, there are technical points that might confuse a layman. Therefore we have mentioned below a detailed step by step guide to usage QBFD stand alone version.

Step 1: To initiate the process, it is mandatory to get rid of existing version and then install QB latest version.

Step 2: Go to the Intuit’s official website and pick up a setup file of QB company file doctor, then Download and Run it.

Step 3: By now, quickbooks user will be able to see the instructions being shown on the display screen, user is required to open it. In order to open the instructions, user will click twice on the on the icon of QB company file doctor tool, and successfully complete the installation process. When the installation process is completed and still the display screen is not showing it then is it suggested to open the tool through clicking the icon twice or simply open it by using windows task bar.

Step 4: Try to fetch your quickbooks company file, it can be located through its drop down list or also through opting the Browse option to locate the quickbooks company file manually in the hard drive of computer system..

Step 5: Here, user is required to choose Check File Damage Only option, this way user is trying basic method by selecting Diagnose File. For the sake of error troubleshooting, user will open up the quickbooks install diagnostics while he/she operating accounting functions through this software.

Step 6: Now, quickbooks company file doctor tool will show two options, from which user is required to select one. In continuation of the process, user will select one option considering the error nature i.e. if the statement appropriately describe the error you are facing then it is the right option to choose. And to everyone’s ease, Intuit has provided the easy to use options which a layman can understand easily. When a user come across to an error (s) -6000 series in quickbooks or feels like there is some damaged company file in the system then user is suggested to go for the option one. User will select the second option in a scenario if he/she while making use quickbooks faces the company file and network errors including Error H101, Error H303, Error H505, and Error H202.

Step 7: After that, quickbooks company file admin password will open up and user will use his/her company file admin id and password to proceed and press the option Next.

Step 8: In continuation of error recognition and troubleshooting, user is required to opt for one option from the given two choices. It is recommended to go for the option Workstation if the user is identifying and troubleshooting over the client’s system, which means that QB company file is not being hosted on current system. Secondly, it is recommended to choose the option Server if the QB company file is being hosted on the current system.

Step 9: If it is the server or host that users use, then they are required to select Yes option. While, if the users use QB workstation then they are required to select No option.

Step 10: Now QB company file doctor tool will start repairing file. It is requested to be patience as file repairing process might take a little longer.

Step 11: While the company file is being processed for diagnosis and fixing by QB file tool, user is required to stay calm. The factors that might affect the time of company file processing could be: errors severity, LAN network speed, or size of QB company file which means that if the QB company file is bigger in size or file’s LAN speed is low or even the company file errors are severe then a lot of time will be required by file processing. It is highly suggested to not interrupt the company file process in between.

Step 12: Simply use Exit option from QB file once the company file processing is finished successfully.

Step 13: Do not rush to look for company file repair process’s outcome, simply open the QB company file.

QuickBooks Support

The above article provides full insights of QuickBooks File Doctor download benefits along with the process to open and use it, how to install quickbooks file doctor, repair damaged company file, also, file and network issues. If you want to learn more or have queries then simply give us a buzz at +1888-705-0768.


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