How to fix QuickBooks Error TD500- There was a problem with your update

In this article we will teach you the way you can fix QuickBooks Error TD500 which says that “There was a problem with update. This error code is usually encountered while processing any credit card on your QuickBooks Desktop.

Lets fix QuickBooks Error TD500

This error can be due to multiple versions of QuickBooks running on your computer. Damage to software files and any kind of infiltration can be the basic cause of this particular error type. Here, further in this article we will teach you some recommended solutions for this error code. Make sure that you only follow the recommended solution for these type of errors. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support  if you are not able to fix the error. Our ProAdvisors will diagnose the problem and will come up with the best solution for your.

fix QuickBooks Error TD500

Here are some solutions you should follow in order to fix the error code-


Solution 1- Uninstalling QuickBooks and installing the repair file.


Only choose this option if you no longer willing to use the older version of QuickBooks Desktop on your computer. Follow the steps correctly for best results.


  • Press the “F2” key on keyboard while inside QuickBooks Desktop and check what version of QuickBooks is being used.
  • Close QuickBooks. In case more than one version of QuickBooks is being used on your computer then you must close all of them.
  • Open the  windows control panel by using start icon program navigation.
  • Once you are inside the control panel find and open the option for “ Program and features or uninstall program”.
  • Now you will be provided with the list of installed programs. Search and uninstall QuickBooks.
  • You must follow the on screen instructions to get everything uninstalled.
  • Once you have uninstalled QuickBooks you will be required to download the repair file.


  • Once you reach the download page for the repair file.


  • Save the file somewhere easy to access.
  • Once downloaded apply double click on the downloaded file to launch it. 
  • Once the file is unzipped apply right click on “quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat” and choose option “Run as administrator”.
  • Once the process of tool is completed you now install QuickBooks again on your computer.
  • Try to use QuickBooks again and see if the error code persists.


Solution 2- Updating every version of QuickBooks installed and then installing the repair file.


  • First you will have to make a note of version that is being used. Simply press the F2 key while inside QuickBooks to get your version.
  • Close the application for QuickBooks including any other version if open.


Which versions of QuickBooks are running

  • Click on the windows start icon.
  • Keep scrolling downwards until you reach letter Q.
  • Click on the arrow facing downwards for QuickBooks folder. Here you can see all the versions of QuickBooks that have been installed on your computer.


Installing the updates and the repair tool for QuickBooks


  • First, you will have to update each and every version of QuickBooks installed on your computer, one by one. You can download the update patch from QuickBooks update and download page.
  • Once you are sure that every version of QuickBooks installed is now updated now you can proceed towards downloading the tool.
  • After reaching the downloads page
  • Save the file where it is easy to access.
  • Apply double click on the downloaded file to unzip the zipped folder.
  • Apply right click on “quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat. Choose option “Run as administrator”.
  • Once the process for tool gets completed you can try using QuickBooks.


If you are not able to fix QuickBooks Error TD500 the error using these solutions then you must contact QuickBooks Technical Support for help on 1-800-416-8574.


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