QuickBooks Error Code: 6129,0

This particular QuickBooks Error Code: 6129,0 can pop up while you were trying to Create a new QuickBooks Company File or opening your old company file.This error code displays an error message “Database Connection Verification Failure”.

QuickBooks Error Code: 6129,0

( Database Connection Verification Failure )


Usually QuickBooks Error Code: 6129,0 is caused by one or more of the reasons mentioned below. Which restrict QuickBooks from performing preferred task-


  • Any Third Party Antivirus blocking the process.
  • Network Data File being damaged (.nd) in this case you must contact QuickBooks Technical support before getting any more files damaged or losing the data.
  • Company file for QuickBooks is been updated to new version through any non-windows administrator.
  • Common domain is not being used by Server and client machine.

Before you proceed to follow the fixation method you must try some easy steps.

While creating a Fresh company file

  • Click on Leave in Easy Step Interview.
  • Click yes when it asks you to save the file.
  • Now you must enter a different name for your file and proceed by selecting save.

Note: in case changing the name of your file does not help try changing the location of your file.

While opening or editing your existing company file

  • Try to create a sample company file in QuickBooks. Check if only your company file is getting affected or its damaging sample file too.If issue is detected in multiple QuickBooks company file then directly follow solution 2.
  • Make sure that you logged in as an administrator in your desktop Windows before following any step of given solution.


Solution 1.

Giving a new name to Network Database File


  • Navigate and open the exact folder where your company file is being stored.
  • Now all you need to do is to find the .nd file in this particular folder.
  • When you find the .ND file apply right click on it and from the dropdown select Rename.
  • Simply Add .OLD at the end of extension name.Press enter key.
  • If you are using the multi user version of QuickBooks then make sure that you Set up QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you are using single user version directly try to open the company file and check if the error persists.


Solution 2.

Moving the company file to a different location in your desktop

  • First you need to create a new folder.
  • Now navigate and open the folder that stores your company file.
  • Copy QuickBooks Company file that has an extension “QBW”.

NOTE: Make sure that you only copy .QBW extension file and not any other File such as .TLG & .ND.

  • Now Paste your company file in the folder that you recently created in previous step.
  • In case Multi-user version in being used do make sure that you set up your windows Folder Options and and add the new folder in QuickBooks Database manager. In single user version you may proceed to open the Company file.


Solution 3.

Restart you desktop in Safe Mode

This procedure Of restarting computer in safe mode will kill the process of all third party softwares that my prevent QuickBooks from performing various tasks.Disabling the Third Party antivirus can possibly help in some cases. Or you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support for Help.


Solution 4.

Confirm that all computers using QuickBooks are on the same domain.

The domain can be defined as a particular type of network between computers that are maintained by IT professionals. Please contact the person that is in charge of your network or contact the QuickBooks Technical Support department for Free consultation of issues.

QuickBooks Technical Support phone number 1-800-416-8574


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