How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0

 In this article we will guide you through the steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0 without causing any data damage or data loss.

This particular error type can be encountered while you were trying to open your QuickBooks Company File.

The Error POP up that will be displayed:-

fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0

Below Are the Two situations where you can possibly encounter this error choose your situation and follow steps correctly.

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Situation 1-

You were trying to upgrade your QuickBooks Company File  when you encountered the Error

In this case follow the instructions given below-

Step 1:-

Download QuickBooks Refresher and use it


This particular application is designed by intuit for QuickBooks users. This application closes all background process that are causing problem with QuickBooks.This application will also refresh all your QuickBooks Program files.

Download QuickBooks Refresher :-

After you have downloaded the QuickBooks Refresher:-

  • In case any task is running on QuickBooks wait till that task is completed if important.
  • Close all processes of QuickBooks Running on your desktop.
  • Now double click mouse right button on QuickBooks Refresher tool to run the tool.
  • Keep following on screen instruction. This procedure could take upto 30 seconds.
  • When Refresh process is completed run Quickbooks again.
  • This may fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0


Step 2 :-

Using QuickBooks File Doctor


If refresh tool for QuickBooks is unable to repair your issue then you must proceed forward and download QuickBooks File Doctor. It is a tool that repair Quickbooks company file as well as some other data issues that can interrupt QuickBooks from running Properly.


Download QuickBooks File Doctor Now

Follow steps below to use Quickbooks File Doctor:-


  • Make sure to remove older version of File doctor in case you have any.
  • Open QuickBooks File Doctor Application that you downloaded.
  • Let installation process be completed and as soon as it is done QuickBooks file doctor will open automatically.
  • If you are prompted to use internet version of file doctor don’t agree and use the downloaded version of File Doctor.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions. From the dropdown select your company file.
  • In case you are not getting dropdown use browse button to manually select your company file.
  • Make sure that you select “Check File Damage Only” and proceed by clicking on Diagnose file.
  • Now you will be asked for QuickBooks Admin password. Enter password and click next.
  • Choose option “Repair file in existing version of QuickBooks.Click next.
  • If you are displayed that “Open the file in a newer version of QuickBooks” do not select it. Try to fix in old version first and then with the new version.
  • Now the repair process will take place in file doctor. This process may take some time have patience.
  • After the repair process is completed you will be provided with a list. Select your company file and click on open Quickbooks.
  • If QuickBooks File Doctor Displays that Fix was not successful try to restart computer and use Quickbooks.
  • This will fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0


When company file is repaired and QuickBooks is running properly do make sure that you make a backup copy of your company file.

Important: In case not any of two steps mentioned above are working for you and you are still experiencing QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0 then you must contact QuickBooks Technical support to get connected with “ Data Service Team” to prevent your data damage and to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0.


Situation 2-

You were trying to Restore your company file.


In case you were trying to restore your QuickBooks Company file from backup or any kind of portable copy, Make sure that you save the file in your local drive before launching them in QuickBooks to prevent the error. Never open QuickBooks company file from online folder or from Portable drive.


Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the problem:-


  • Open QuickBooks on the Desktop where backup was created.
  • Try to open the original copy of company file.
  • Create a fresh copy of backup file again.
  • Now use that fresh backup file in new computer to restore the company file.
  • Hopefully the issue will be resolved.


In case the procedure mentioned above don’t help you then you must contact QuickBooks Technical support in order to get consulted by QuickBooks Data Service Team to get bugs and additional fixes.

QuickBooks Technical Support phone number 1-800-416-8574


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