QuickBooks Error 6176, 0: QuickBooks Cannot Get the Network Address of the Server

Quickbooks was manufactured to manage all business transactions and tracking all resources. Quickbooks comes with some advanced tools, these tools helps the user to resolve most of quickbooks errors.

One of the most common Error is QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 

This error is categorised under the Quickbooks -6000 series Error.

Quickbooks Error


Cause and necessary steps to fix QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 can be read below.

QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 is usually occurred when the software is not able to get system server address. Quickbooks is not compatible with Virtual servers so if you are using virtual servers to run your company file probably that can be the reason for this error. To check if this is the reason for the error you try moving the company file to your computer and then check if the error persists. QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 is a runtime error and usually appears at the time of windows startup. 

These are the reasons for QuickBooks Error 6176, 0

  • Improper installation of QuickBooks application
  • Windows system files infected by virus or malware.
  • Corrupted or Pirated copy of Windows being used.
  • QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 can occur in any operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows ME and Windows 2000.

QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 arises when Quickbooks your accounting software is not able to find the .QBW file in its right place. This issue can be fixed with the help of a tool QuickBooks Database Server Manager as recommended by our Certified Technicians. You just have to scan the software using QuickBooks Database Server Manager  and this can fix the problem, Incase you still get the error

Please follow below mentioned troubleshooting steps. 

Solution 1:

  • Locate the file and do the scan process
  • See the preview of that copy by hitting the company button from the mouse
  • Verify the customer related information by using Customer button
  • Check vendors information by using ‘Vendor’ button
  • Get employees related information using ‘Employees’ button
  • Now hit on Repair and you will see ‘Save As’ dialog box, you have to choose the version and select the path
  • Click on the Start button
  • Select ‘OK’ after the repair process successfully completed

Incase this doesn’t help 

Solution 2:

It is advised to use all genuine softwares and window because these things are responsible for such errors. As computer infections and Windows issues are main reason for this issue. 

  • Update antivirus program
  • Activate antivirus software and run the full scan.
  • If there is no virus then copy the company file to the other system and try to run it.
  • If the company file is running on another system then repair windows installation on that computer.
  • If the same problem is persisting in the new computer then your company file is damaged.
  • If the company file is damaged go ahead and follow troubleshooting mentioned in solution 3

Solution 3:

  • Download Quickbooks File Doctor and if already installed then run it.
  • If you find the errors after diagnosing the application then try to fix it manually or you can reach QuickBooks Technical Support team on 1-844-745-2444 if no error found but you are facing the same issue then proceed with solution 4.

Solution 4:

QuickBooks Error 6176, 0 can be challenging to resolve so it is advised to contact 24/7 QuickBooks Support to avoid further complications