QuickBooks Desktop Does not Start or would not open

While opening your QuickBooks Desktop Application QuickBooks Desktop Does not Start. This is a situation where you can refer to this article. There are a number of issues that can prevent QuickBooks from starting or crash the software.

As this is a serious problem because there is something blocking the process of QuickBooks. We have mentioned several methods which can fix this issue on your system. In case any of our troubleshoot Don’t work out for you then you can Contact QuickBooks Technical Support 


Tip- Just apply double click once on your QuickBooks icon and give it a sufficient amount of time to open as QuickBooks is a complex accounting software it needs time to start properly.


If you are facing this problem regularly or on a time period the problem re-occurs then there is something seriously messing up with your QuickBooks files and may cause a Data damage which you cannot recover Without Intuit Data Protect.

Here are some troubleshoots you can try if QuickBooks Desktop Does not Start


Solution 1. Suppressing the application of QuickBooks Desktop.


In the case of, data damage that has already been occurred due to this problem. We recommend you to contact QuickBooks Technical Support. First, check if the QuickBooks program itself is running or not. In some cases, QuickBooks was processing the previous company. It is important to always isolate the reason for your error. Make sure that problem is with company file or with your application.


  • On your keyboard press and hold down the CTRL key and then apply double click on QuickBooks Icon.

Note. Make sure that you keep CTRL Key held down until NO company Open window appears.

  • Browse and open your company file and check if still QuickBooks Desktop Does not Start or it is fixed


Solution 2: Reboot your system


In most of the cases rebooting your system might help you to recover the problem. Rebooting our system clears our your RAM and gives a fresh start to QuickBooks processes. There must be some data that is hogging your computer.


Solution 3: Using QBInstall/ Tool


Downloading and then running the QB Install Diagnostic tool to fix the errors caused by improper installation or corrupted setup file.


  • Download and Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool on your system
  • When it is prompted to Save the file locally on your system proceed to save on desktop.
  • Close all running application before you run the tools.
  • Run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Wait for at least 20 mins for the tool to process files and then proceed to restart your computer.


Solution 4- Repair QuickBooks Desktop


  • Before starting the procedure close QuickBooks software.
  • Press the window key on your keyboard while on Desktop.
  • In the search bar type control panel.
  • Search and open the control panel.
  • Once Control panel is open see that it on large icon mode.
  • Find Programs and features, click open it.
  • Now from the list of programs find QuickBooks and select it.


  • Click on “ Uninstall/Change”.
  • Now proceed by clicking next.
  • Again click next and select the option for repair.
  • Now, wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the repair is done restart your computer.
  • This will fix QuickBooks Desktop Does not Start or proceed to next step


Solution 5- Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Refer to the article-

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool


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