QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to Fix Major Quickbooks Errors

Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool is considered a very essential tool made by intuit for quickbooks users, Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool can help users to fix major Quickbooks errors, this article will enhance your knowledge on functionality of this essential tool and whats possible with this tool. What exactly Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool does is that it creates a balance between QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks database manager to create a seamless accounting experience. This tool is supported only by Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 10.1 and is compatible with versions of Quickbooks manufactured after 2008.

Elements of Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

Install QuickBooks Connection diagnostic Tool from the Intuit website, Once you have successfully dowloaded the setup file of this software, run it and Install QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool on the computer. You will see following tabs once you open it after installation :

  • Diagnose Connection :  This feature of the tool will help you to check if everything is configured correctly and the company file is accessible. You can also check if the file is configured on a multi user mode or single user mode and the users who all are set up to use the file, File is sometimes not accessible to firewalls even that can be checked through this feature
  • Firewall Status : This tab will provide you additional information on firewall in simple words instruction manual for Firewall
  • Test Connectivity : This tab is used to check the connectivity status of the connected users on company file

Errors that can be fixed by Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool


  • In case Windows Firewall or any other firewall being used is misconfigured it can be diagnosed and fixed by this tool.
  • Every business has a list of vendors, customers, employee and sometimes these lists in the software goes blank. This can be fixed
  • Unable to access Quickbooks database
  • All the errors encountering related to QuickBooks Multi user mode > QuickBooks Error H101, QuickBooks Error H202, QuickBooks Error H303, QuickBooks Error H404, QuickBooks Error H505
  • Essential QuickBooks files gets corrupted or damaged at times due to malfunctions and viruses, they can be fixed by Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool


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