How to set up Mailing & Printing Pay Stubs in QuickBooks

Mailing & Printing Pay Stubs in QuickBooks

Part 1- Email Pay Stubs

Pay stubs can be sent via email very easily through your QuickBooks Desktop Software. Pay stubs are by default are delivered as a PDF file which is a Password protected file that preserves your Layout and format of pay stubs.

Once the pay stub is delivered via email an employee can easily access it through entering the password. After pay stubs a open you can easily save or print pay stubs through ur local computer.

A password is a recommended option for your pay stubs to keep your employee information safe.


The registered company email serves as a sender whereas employee email plays the role of recipient while sending a pay stub from QuickBooks Desktop. In case your company file does not include proprietorship mail or employee main already then you will be asked to provide the required information.

Now let’s move forward to mailing your Pay stubs-


  • Verification of email setting in Quickbooks is the first thing you should do-
  • First of all, make sure that the latest version of QuickBooks is being used on your system.
  • Open edit menu in QuickBooks and select “Preferences”.
  • Now you need to select “send forms” from the left pane of your screen and then switch to “My Preferences” tab.
  • When you reach the send email step select from-
  • WEBMAIL- if you prefer using Gmail,Yahoo or any other email provider.
  • Outlook- If you prefer using Outlook and your mail service.
  • Click “ok”.




  • Make sure that you are using QuickBooks in Single user mode.
  • Now open File menu in QuickBooks and select the option “ Print Forms” proceed further by selecting Pay Stubs.
  • Make sure that your Bank Account information is correct.
  • Check all the Dates and then update them so that your paycheck date is matched correctly.
  • Click option “EMAIL”
  • Make a quick note for your Employee Pay Stubs password so that you can mail it to your employee later.
  • Click on “Ok” two times.
  • Now enter the mail address of each employee and then click ok.
  • Check that all information entered is correct and then click on “ Send Now”.
  • Doing this will help you to set up Mailing & Printing Pay Stubs in QuickBooks


Part 2- Print Pay Stubs


Printing QuickBooks Pay stubs can be an easy task if you know how to do it. A pay stub is a password protected document so make sure that you have the correct password in order to save and print pay stubs


Here in this part of the article, we will teach you various methods by which you can print your pay stubs:-



Printing your pay stubs from the file menu in QuickBooks



  • Open file menu QuickBooks and then select Print Forms.
  • Click on pay stubs.
  • Now select the “ Bank Account” used for payroll and then update your date range according to Print Date of pay stubs.
  • In case you prefer “one employee” then select the option “Employee”  from the dropdown menu available besides Employee option.
  • Now select Column that is along with the date and proceed by selecting Pay stub that you prefer to print.
  • Click on preferences in you want to choose Company and employee information.
  • Use company message option if you want to broadcast any message among recipients of pay stubs.
  • Now click on print to complete the procedure.


  1. Printing your stubs from the paycheque.

  • Inside QuickBooks Desktop open Paycheque’s.
  • In the paycheque’s click on print icon and choose Pay stubs.


  1. Printing from Paycheque Lists.

  • Select Employee from the left side of your navigation bar.
  • Click on the name of the employee which you prefer to pay.
  • Click on the “ Paycheque List” from the employee page.
  • Click on checks to pay.
  • Make sure that you find the applicable check number.
  • Click on the dropdown menu and then select “Bath Action”.
  • Click on Print.
  • Doing this will help you to set up Mailing & Printing Pay Stubs in QuickBooks


  1. Printing Stubs via Voucher Printing


  • Open edit menu in QuickBooks.
  • Click on Preferences from the dropdown.
  • Select Payroll and Employee.
  • Switch to Company preferences tab.
  • Click on a Pay stub and voucher printing.
  • Select preferred checkboxes you want to add and then click on Paycheck voucher and pay stubs from the print section.
  • Click on ok.
  • Doing this will help you to set up Mailing & Printing Pay Stubs in QuickBooks


  1. Print Pay stubs from bill payment


  • Open file menu in QuickBooks and click on “Print Form & Bill Payment Stubs”
  • Click on Dropdown for Bill payment and select the payment method.
  • Now open dropdown for an account and select the preferred bank account.
  • Enter correct dates to list the payment date.
  • Select the check and click on print.
  • Doing this will help you to set up Mailing & Printing Pay Stubs in QuickBooks


Basic FAQ’s Related to Pay Stubs-


Q- Is it possible to change the default text for email?

A- Yes it is possible through these steps-

  • Open the file menu and click on Print Forms.
  • Click on Pay stubs.
  • Click on “Default Email Text”.
  • Choose Pay stubs from  “Send form preferences”
  • Click on “add template”.
  • Now simply customize the template message and then click on save.
  • Click on “ok”.


Q- How can I change the sender and recipient email address for mailing pay stubs?

A- To change email info

  • Open file menu and then click on Print Forms.
  • Click on “Pay Stubs”.
  • Click on the email.
  • Click on Edit Email.
  • Update the details.
  • Click on yes.


Q- How can a pay stub be removed?

A- To remove a pay stub from the list while on send form screen simply click on the remove button.


Q- If employees are not receiving any Pay stub on email what should I do?

A- In this Situation

  • Send test email to your own email to check if the issue is with QuickBooks or recipients email.
  • Ask the employee to check for spam emails or any filter applied.

Contact QuickBooks Support on 1-800-416-8574


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