How to fix QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001

To fix QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001 is very easy, usually you get this error while you open your quickbooks desktop company file, exactly the error message is- 

QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user…

QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001

This means that your system has any kind of network issue that is now affecting the QuickBooks. The other reason could be company file being damaged or infected by malware. If you are facing any data damage you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support.

Here in this article we will guide you through some basic recommended troubleshoot for this error code. DO NOT try using any other method than recommended ones to prevent data damage.

Solution 1- Running Reboot.bat to fix QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001

  • Close the application for QuickBooks.
  • Run the reboot.bat file
  • Wait for the process to end.
  • Try using QuickBooks again.

Solution 2- manual solution to fix QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001

In case the company file is kept open on any workstation that is in single user mode

  • Close the application for QUickBooks in all logged in computers.
  • Switch to the host computer and open the company file on it.
  • Open the file menu and choose option “Switch to single-user mode”.
  • Try restoring company file.
  • Check if you are able to fix QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001

In case the company file is kept open on any host computer that is on single user mode

  • Open the file menu in QuickBooks and select the option “Close company”.
  • Open the company file again on your QuickBooks. Open file menu and select the option for “Open or restore company file”.
  • Choose option “Open a company file” proceed by clicking next.
  • Select the preferred company file and then click next.
  • Choose option “Open file in single-user mode. Click on open.


In case the company file is stored on any read-only type network folder.

  • Switch to the host computer of your company file.
  • Navigate to the folder where your company file is being saved.
  • Apply right click on the company file folder and choose “Properties”.
  • Switch to “Security tab”.
  • Choose the user that is facing this error code and click on edit.
  • Click on apply and then on ok.

In case your computer is remotely accessed using LogMeIn, GoToMyPC or any other similar software.

  • Apply right click on the windows taskbar and select the option “Task Manager”.
  • Move to the “Processes tab”. Now look for the processes related to QuickBooks.
  • Click end task after selecting the process.
  • Restart your computer once done.

Solution 3- Renaming the .nd & .tlg files

  • Close the application for QuickBooks desktop.
  • Open windows task bar. Switch to processes tab.
  • Look for any running QuickBooks process. Select the process and click on end task.
  • Navigate to the folder where your company file is stored.
  • Find the files that end with the extension of “.nd” and “.tlg”.
  • Apply right click on these files and select option “rename”.
  • Add “OLD QB” at the end of each file.

If you are not able to fix the error using solution given above then you should contact QuickBooks Technical Support.


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