How to Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

Here in this article we have explained the full process to uninstall and then Clean Install QuickBooks, which might help you to recover various minor company file issues. But in case the problem persists feel free to take consultation by QuickBooks Support team. 

In most of our troubleshooting articles we recommend our customers to do a clean reinstallation of QuickBooks which might or not fix their basic issues but it mostly does remove the issues.This re-installation process can fix various types of issues that will prevent you from properly opening your company file, some template issues and many other situations.This process will remove all files related to QuickBooks including the file used to install. Make sure to backup your company file before proceeding further.

Although Making a backup of your company file is recommended by us but this file won’t affect your company file its only for safety purpose.


Now let’s begin our Clean Install QuickBooks process-

Clean Install QuickBooks

Step 1- Always make sure that a clean reinstall is necessary or not

Always try doing a basic reinstall of QuickBooks before trying a clean install. A basic reinstall can also work in few situations and is a much easier process.

If a basic reinstall does not fix your QuickBooks Issue then simply proceed further to step 2.This process might fix your issue.


Step 2- Gathering information and data backup


  • First of all before starting the process you need to download the QuickBooks Installation file from our Download Website. Follow the link below to download

Download QuickBooks Desktop

Make sure that you download the latest version available for the                      best performance and less issues


  • Now that you have a genuine installation file make sure that you keep your license number/ Product Key handy. You can find your product key on Original QuickBooks Packaging or on purchase confirmation mail sent to you while purchasing a digital copy of QuickBooks.
  • Copy That Product number and product year somewhere.
  • Now make a backup copy of your company file.


Step 3- Uninstalling QuickBooks from your computer


  • Open start menu on your windows and the search for control panel. Click open Control panel.
  • From Programs and feature menu select Program & Features /Uninstall a Program.
  • Now you will see a list of programs find and select QuickBooks.
  • Click on Uninstall or Change and then follow on screen prompts to uninstall QuickBooks From your System.Make sure you are logged in as an administrator to view these options.


Important- While in between uninstallation process you get any error then there must be something wrong going in your computer. Contact IT professional in these kind of situations.


Step 4- Using QuickBooks “ Clean Installation” tool on your desktop.


This QuickBooks clean install tool will rename you old install folders and allows QuickBooks to Add fresh files.

To download tool follow link below-


Download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool


  • After you click the download link above save file on your desktop.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to launch. File will be named as- QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.exe
  • If windows ask permission for program to make changes in system click on Yes.
  • When license agreement is shown select option “I Accept”.
  • Select version of QuickBooks and then product version. Click on continue.
  • Click ok on next pop up.
  • This will help you to Clean Install QuickBooks

In case you are not able to Clean Install QuickBooks desktop please contact QuickBooks Customer Service.

QuickBooks Customer Service available 24/7 on 1-800-426-4589



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