How to fix QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

Here in this article by QuickBooks Support team, you will get to learn about errors on QuickBooks Web Connector which a service that enables QuickBooks to Exchange data with other products of Quickbooks. This article will be a guide for you to fix QuickBooks Web Connector Errors.

Now let’s get started to fix QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

Fix QBWC1005

QuickBooks Web Connector failed to run. Some trace information was captured during the failure. Please see the QWCLog.txt file for trace information.


A possible reason for this error: 

This error usually occurs when the Web Connector is not able to read or create the logFile of QuickBooks.This happens when your Log directories get missing or the folder that contains then does not have enough permissions.


What can be done for this problem?

The only way to fix this problem is to make sure that you have not deleted the log files or check for the permission of Folders.



QuickBooks Web Connector failed to run. Some trace information was captured during the failure. Please see QWCLog.txt file for trace information


The possible reason for this error:

This happens when the Web Connector is not reading a correct log file or having trouble in finding those files.


What can be done for this?

To remove this error you must set right folder permission for your Log file or check if they are deleted.


Location of log file- C:\Users\Public\AppData\local\Intuit\QuickBooks Web Connector\version directory


An error occurred when connecting to QuickBooks. [A Message from QuickBooks will appear here]. Please fix the problem and click Retry to try again; and


QBWC1008 or QBWC1009 are the same kinds of errors.


Possible Reason for this error:

  • QuickBooks not running properly
  • There is no company file open
  • Any kind of open dialog box preventing network to connect.


What can be done?

  • Try to reopen QuickBooks after closing it.
  • Open a working company file.
  • If open close any kind of dialog box in QuickBooks.
  • Now perform those tasks again.



 Application named [AppName] does not exist in registry. It is possible that the view and registry is out of sync. Restart QuickBooks Web Connector.

The possible reason for error:

QuickBooks Web Connector Being Out of sync with your system registry.


What can you do about this?

  • Close every open window from web connector.
  • Apply right click on Web Connector icon present in the system tray and select the option Exit.
  • Now try to restart the web connector.



No application was selected for update 


Possible reason For the error-

There was no application selected for the update in QuickBooks Web Connector update section and the process has started.


What can be done?

Use the checkbox present at the left side of the app and select the update to be selected.



No application available to select this time


Possible Reason for error:

By mistake, you have select the option of- “ Select all” while there was no application loaded in Web Connector.


What Can Be Done?

Try to load any application file in Web Connector with.QWC extension.

The troubleshooting steps mentioned above will possibly fix QuickBooks Web Connector Errors and if doesn’t help please call for support and assistance.

QuickBooks Support phone number 1-800-416-8574


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