How to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

To fix Quickbooks Unrecoverable Error is quite complex to solve, In order to fix this error first it is necessary to find the actual cause of it. Quickbooks unrecoverable error is caused due to multiple reasons but the most frequent reason are if Quickbooks or windows updates go missing, computer issues, data damage on the company file, or the program code need some fixation.

How to Fix Quickbooks Unrecoverable Error

Below mentioned error codes are some commonly prompted error codes for quickbooks unrecoverable error. In some cases error numbers that appear with the error message may be different then what is shown below due to the nature of the error.

List of the error codes usually seen

  • 00000 15204
  • 00227 55008
  • 15563 13890
  • 13824 75582
  • 00551 46274
  • 13730 84631
  • 19758 63847
  • 00000 14775
  • 20103 33023
  • 02457 79428
  • 20888 41171

These are the occasions when you are prompted by this error message

  • At the time of closing the company file
  • Closing any open window in a company file
  • Using the Open Previous Company feature
  • When user try to Save a transaction
  • While Creating portable file
  • When you Download a payroll update
  • While making a backup
  • Opening any window in QuickBooks (Home Page, Company Snapshot, Reports, Transaction)
  • Running Verify or Rebuild
  • Attempting to open a company file
  • Sending payroll via Direct Deposit
  • When a new company file is made

Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error



•These are the recommendations prior you start troubleshooting

◦ Do not forget to update your Quickbooks Desktop

◦ Do create a backup copy of your company file so that you have a restore point incase anything goes wrong with the company file.

• Make sure you click on Send when you get the quickbooks unrecoverable error message. This will help the Intuit Inc. to make patch updates which will result in elimination of the error on permanent basis.

Method 1: If you are using Quickbooks on Multi-user mode first thing to be verified is that how many users are being prompted with this error

(If you just have a single user for quickbooks you may straight away proceed to Step 2

Login to the company file with different credentials used by all the users, if the error is prompted by a specific user that means that particular user credentials are damaged, In this case you will have to recreate that user.

Follow these steps to recreate a user

  1. Open your quickbooks
  2. Click on the company menu
  3. From the drop down menu click on Set Up Users and Passwords > Set Up Users.
  4. Now click on Add user (then create the credentials) and click on Next
  5. Do not use the same credentials
  6. Now close quickbooks and reopen your quickbooks with the new credentials 

Follow this Step if the Admin user is Damaged

Install Quickbooks File Doctor and Run it.

Method 2: Suppress the Quickbooks

Step A – Quickbooks Desktop should be suppressed while starting up

  1. Press and hold down the Ctrl button located on the left bottom corner of the keyboard
  2. Without releasing the Ctrl button open the Quickbooks 
  3. Keep on holding the Ctrl button till you see the NO Company Open window

Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error


Step B –  Suppress Quickbooks Desktop at the time of opening the company file

  1. Choose the company file from the No Company Open window
  2. Now Press and hold down the Alt button located on the left bottom corner of the keyboard
  3. Without releasing the Alt button open the company file
  4. Do not release the Alt button until the company file opens up 

Try opening a Sample Company File

This will you to know better if the problem is on the company file or on quickbooks software

  • If you are able to open a sample company file, then its clear that the problem is either with your company file or with the drive location where company file is located
  • In this case you can try to move the company file to a different location it may result fixing the issue
  • If still the issue is not resolved you may proceed with basic Data Damage Troubleshooting but it is recommended to Use the latest backup copy of the company file or ADR to restore the damaged company file before you proceed to Data Damage Troubleshooting(this may ease the complete process)
  • Moreover if the sample file gives out the same error message Please proceed with next Method mentioned below to fix the error

Method 4 – Try running the reboot.bat

This will help you to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error because when you run reboot.bat it re-registers the .DLL and .OCX files associated with quickbooks. If you experience any issues doing this you may dial the Quickbooks Customer Service phone number and a well skilled technician from Quickbooks Support team would assist you

Method 5 – Basic troubleshooting 

After reading this you will understand one thing for sure, that why people dial Quickbooks customer service phone number for such easy tasks. The basic troubleshooting states normal optimisation about quickbooks

  • Repair Quickbooks application through the Add/Remove utility from the Control panel
  • Download the Quickbooks Diagnostics Tool 
  • Install  the tool and then run it
  • If still the issue is not fixed you might have to also repair the MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK + MICROSOFT MSXML + MICROSOFT VISUAL C++

Above mentioned troubleshooting steps would most probably Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error But Incase you are still not able to  fix Quickbooks Unrecoverable Error it is highly recommended to contact the Quickbooks Support. As the further troubleshooting would be only conducted by a skilled Quickbooks customer Service technician as it would be more complex. You can Contact us 24/7 365 days

1-800-416-8574 Quickbooks Customer service phone number


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