Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors

While you were opening the application for QuickBooks Point of Sale or maybe processing any of the transactions and you encounter one of these below-mentioned errors then this is the article that is going to help you to Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors-

QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors


  • Error: QBPOSShell has stopped working

  • Error 100 database server not found “08w01”

  • Error: 176120 invalid license key status, key denied

  • Configuration system failed to initialize

  • Unable to open the program through the Point of Sale icon

  • Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

  • Unexpected error happened, please restart Point of Sale. Exception from HRESULT: 0x88980406

  • Unexpected error happened. The error is: Value cannot be null. Parameter:s


Causes that usually bring up QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors

  • The computer you are using for QuickBooks POS does not have the minimum system requirement that is needed to run QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Point Of Sale Database manager not running properly.
  • Microsoft “.NET” framework being damaged or not installed properly.
  • Before proceeding –
    • To Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors make sure that the computer that you are using for QuickBooks POS has the minimum system requirements needed for Point Of Sale to run.
    • Make sure that QuickBooks POS Database manager is running.
    • Open windows search and type “services.msc” , press enter key.
    • Now the service window will appear. Appear right click on QBPOS Database Manager and choose “Start”.
    • Restart your computer and check if you are able to fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors.

Now that you know what this error is all about and also know what are the main causes that bring up this error lets move towards the fixation method for these Unexpected errors.

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors

Solution 1- Make sure that your QuickBooks Point of Sale is Up-to-Date with the latest release.

Note- Before you update your QuickBooks Point Of Sale make sure that you rename you Intuit Entitlement folder and then put up the update process.

To update QuickBooks POS go to our product update page and then simply download the update available for your Product. Keep following

the instructions that are given by the update setup and then once the update gets finished restart your computer.


Solution 2- Trying a new user for windows

  • Press Window+S key on your keyboard and type “user account” in windows search. Press enter key.
  • Choose “Manage user accounts” and from there select “Manage another account”.
  • Now you need to create a new account. Click on “Create a new account” and then name that account as “TestAC”.
  • For user type, you have to select “Administrator”.
  • Now once you have created a new user account sign out of your old one and then log into your new user account.
  • Open QuickBooks POS in the new user account.
  • Check if you are able to Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors or not.


Solution 3: Compatibility troubleshoot & QBPOSShell reboot

  • Close the application for QuickBooks POS and then press CTRL+ALT+Delete key combination on your keyboard.
  • If required select “Task Manager”.
  • Switch to “Processes” tab in Task manager and then click on “Image Name” title for the column to sort the list alphabetically.
  • Apply right click on “QBPOSShell.exe” and then choose “End Process”.
  • In case more than one processes are being displayed for QBPOSShell then you must fix the compatibility issue.
  • Once done close the task manager and run QuickBooks Point Of Sale.

Compatibility Issue Troubleshoot-

  • Apply right click on QuickBooks Point of sale exe icon and select “Troubleshoot compatibility”.
  • Choose “Try recommended settings” and then keep following the given instructions.
  • Once the troubleshooting process gets completed simply restart your computer.


Solution 4:Re-installation of .NET Framework by Microsoft.

  • Uninstall QuickBooks POS from your computer.
  • Uninstall .NET framework
  • Open Windows control panel on your computer.
  • From the control panel select “Programs and features”.
  • Now the list of installed programs will appear.
  • From the list of programs find and select Microsoft .Net Framework.
  • Select the option for “Uninstall” and then click on Next.


Note- if any kind of error is encountered while uninstalling .NET  framework then you must contact the technical support for Microsoft or Contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor at QuickBooks Technical Support.

  • Install the Microsoft .NET framework again-
  • Download the setup file for a .NET framework through the Microsoft website.
  • Once the setup file is downloaded open and install the file.
  • After the installation process is finished reboot your computer.
  • Install QuickBooks Point Of Sale again to Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors.

This will help you to fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors but In case this doesn’t help you to Fix QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors you may contact for support.

QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-800-416-8574

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