How to fix QuickBooks Error H505

QuickBooks Error H505 can be detected in one or in some cases more than one workstation.This error is caused by having more than one computer if server computer and hosting the network and is quite complex to fix QuickBooks Error H505.

In multi user mode you can use more than one computer as a workstation but it is compulsory that only one computer should be the server computer hosting the company file.


In this situation when you are experiencing this error, to fix QuickBooks Error H505 the first step to be taken should be to check every workstation because it might happen that more than one computer is hosting server. Turn off hosting if any workstation was found in hosting mode.


Fix QuickBooks Error H505

fix QuickBooks Error H505

Note: These steps can be done before opening your QuickBooks Company File.

Below are some easy steps you need to follow in order to fix QuickBooks Error Code H505. In case this procedure doesn’t fix QuickBooks Error H505  you can take assistance from our QuickBooks ProAdvisors that are working 24×7 at QuickBooks Technical support Department.

Let’s fix fix QuickBooks Error H505

Steps to be practiced on Workstation


  • On your workstation open QuickBooks application where QuickBooks Error H505 was encountered.
  • Open QuickBooks File menu and hover your mouse pointer over Utilities option.
  • Now if you see any option displaying Host Multi- User Access then this system is good. Move to next workstation.
  • In case you find Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option then click on it.

fix QuickBooks Error H505

These steps are to be repeated on every workstation you are using in order to stop miscellaneous hosting.This will fix error H505.

Steps to be practiced on Server Desktop

After all workstations are checked and are now fixed. Apply these setting on server computer.


  • Open QuickBooks Application on Server Computer.
  • Open File menu in Quickbooks and hover your mouse pointer over Utilities.
  • If you see ‘Host Multi-User Access’ option the click on it. In case the option displayed is ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access then click on it.


QuickBooks Error H505 is a common error that is reported by many QuickBooks Users around the globe. QuickBooks is a leading Software in market and has been known for its best technical assistance given by QuickBooks Technical Support.

This Error H505 comes under Networking Error which are very common in QuickBooks Multi-User mode if Settings are messed up. This particular category of errors are to be well treated by experienced IT person as network issues could cause loss of data as well as theft of data by any outer source. 

QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Setting are major reason for networking issues if messed up.It’s necessary that only experienced person should handle the software. 


Sometimes any third party firewall or Antivirus could also cause networking Errors like Error H505 as they can block process that is required by QuickBooks Multi-User Environment To Work Properly.

QuickBooks is not responsible for data damage caused by third party softwares. Do Contact QuickBooks Technical support For Free Assistance.

QuickBooks Technical Support available on 1-800-416-8574


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