How to fix QuickBooks Error Code H202

This article is created for those users who asked about how to fix QuickBooks Error Code H202 which basically is a connectivity issue that don’t let you use your company file on a multi-user network. Always take help of a IT professional in these cases as this can affect your data and can also be a cause of data theft.


This error code H202 Can be encountered while switching to Multi-user. This means that there is something which blocks multi-users to connect with your server. Here in this article we are going to guide you through process of how to fix QuickBooks Error Code H202.

Note: Before proceeding further to fixation process do make sure that you are logged in as an administrator in windows. Having all admin rights is necessary.


How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202


Now that we know what this error is all about let’s move forward to the fixation Process.

STEP 1- Proceed to follow these steps depending on the way you usually host your company files.


‘Hosting a Private Network’

You must install QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your server for every version of  Quickbooks you are using on your Desktop. In case you haven’t done it yet than first setup Database server Manager in Your Server. A server is Computer  that you are using to Host your Company File amon workstations connection on multi-user network and keeps the network stable.

Currently there are only two ways that you can set up your QuickBooks Database Server Manager-


  • Full Program option- Having a full version of QuickBooks as well as QuickBooks Database Server Manager correctly installed on your server desktop.
  • Server Only option- Only having the Database Manager Installed on your server Desktop.



These are the two option from which you have to select one during the setup.

After you have successfully installed Database Manager on your server desktop proceed forward to the section mentioned below.


QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

IMPORTANT: If you are a QuickBooks Enterprise User then do not follow the steps mentioned in this article. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support For server Fixation.

Host your Private network Private network using Windows Server 2012 Essential R2 before proceeding further.

Another Hosting Solutions Available


In case you are using any kind of solution like Right Networks or any other Intuit affiliated hosting provider the simply contact QuickBooks Technical Support For Refreshing your hosting Environment. Please work with our technicians as they guide you through the reboot process of Hosting environment as a troubleshoot.

Note: Any of the devices like NAS (Network Attached Storage) do not support Database Server Manager. 


STEP 2- Running “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” on Server Desktop


In some cases where QuickBooks Error Code H202 is displayed on one or more than one workstations firewall  was the reason for issue.

First what you need to do is to run Database manager on you server computer so that the connection gets fixed.


What is Server Computer? 

  • A server computer is a system that stores and share your company file with other Workstations.
  • Other Computers that are connected to your server but do not host company file are the workstations.


  • On your server computer open windows start menu.
  • In the search bar available type ‘Database’ and click open QuickBooks Database server Manager.
  • Simply select the exact folder that stores your company file or you can use the browse option to find the folder in your computer.
  • Click on Start Scan. All firewall permissions will automatically be repaired by Database server manager.
  • After the scan process is completed Click on Close option.
  • Now you should open Quickbooks on all your workstations where Error Code H202 was encountered and also on your server computer.
  • Now open file menu and click on Switch to Multi-User Mode.


Now if you are successful in moving to multi-user mode that means the issue is resolved but if not then proceed to step 3.


STEP 3-  Checking Server Services


IMPORTANT- If you are using the full version of Quickbooks on server Desktop. Turn on Hosting for multi-user.

  • Open QuickBooks on Server Desktop
  • Open file menu
  • Select utilities
  • Select Host Multi-User Access if available.


Let’s make sure that services are running properly on server computer. Follow the steps correctly in order to check QuickbooksDBXX. Repeat for QBCFMoniterService.


  • On your server desktop open Windows start menu.
  • In the search box available type ‘run’.
  • When run window appear type ‘services.mcs’ and press enter key.
  • Now you need to find and open QuickBooksDBXX from the list. XX refers to version of QuickBooks you are using.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202

  • As a startup type select ‘automatic’.
  • Service status displayed should be Running/Started. In case not them click on Start.
  • Click on recovery tab.
  • Choose Restart the Service option from the drop downs that are present in Recovery tab which are 1.First failure 2.Second failure 3.Subsequent failures.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202

  • Click on Apply and then on OK.
  • Now  repeat all steps for QBCFMonitorService.


After you have completed all steps mentioned below try to switch Quickbooks in Multi-user mode to see if  this method to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202 worked and the error is resolved. If error persists follow next step.


STEP 4- Adding the services to your server in Windows Admin group.


In case you have not, then give admin permissions to QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitorService.

Check if you are able to fix QuickBooks Error Code H202 or it still persists.


STEP 5- Firewall Setting Configuration on Server Computer.


Do make sure that server computer allows QuickBooks through your firewall.

Check if error H202 is resolved or persists.


STEP 6-  Ping Server from a QuickBooks Workstation


In order to check your connection you must ping your server on workstation displaying Error H202.

Start by Network Discovery on Server as well as Workstation desktops-


  • Open windows start menu on all desktop.
  • In search bar you must type ‘Network’ and click open Network and sharing center.
  • Choose Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  • See if Turn on network discovery is already selected in network discovery and File & Printer Sharing.

Now you need to get a name for your server

  • Open start menu on server desktop.
  • On search bar type ‘Run’ and open it.
  • Now in run window you need to type ‘CMD’ and hit enter key.
  • Now CMD window will appear where you need to type “ ipconfig/all” and then hit enter key.
  • Find the “ HOST NAME” in section for IP configuration.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202

  • Now make a note of your host name for further use.


Roll back to workstations in order to test server. These steps are complicated and you are suggested to contact IT professional to do them for you or give assistance.


  • On workstation open Windows start menu.
  • In search bar type ‘Run’ and then open it.
  • In run window type ‘CMD’.Hit enter key.
  • In CMD window type ‘ ping_(your server name)’.Hit enter key. Exclude brackets.
  • Repeat steps on each workstation.
  • This would be the final step to fix QuickBooks Error Code H202


These solutions are little complicated so the best way to resolve QuickBooks Error Code H202 is by Getting consultation by QuickBooks Technical Support team.

QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-416-8574


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