How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150, -1006

Here you will learn to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150, -1006 and how to properly deal with it if encountered.

While using QuickBooks Desktop If you See Error Code -6150, -1006 then this is the article which will Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150, -1006. This issue is usually encountered while-

  • Creating company file
  • Opening company file
  • Using company file


The pop up that you might see-

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150, -1006

What this Error code -6150, -1006 means is that your company file is experiencing some issues that urgently need a proper repair before having a data damage . Always Contact QuickBooks Technical Support to prevent Data Damage. Now let’s try to get you back at your business by trying troubleshoots and fixing problem.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150, -1006

Step 1- Checking For “ CryptoWall”


CryptoWall is a kind of virus that brings up QuickBooks Error Code -6150,-1006 and damage you important data which make this a critical issue for your software.This program will block company file and prevent it from opening.

Follow this Quick Checkup Process to decide further steps-

  • Open your windows start menu.
  • On search bar type ‘File Explorer’ and then press the enter key.
  • Now from file manager search and open QuickBooks Folder. Usually this folder is located at Local Disk C:\\.
  • Now Inside QuickBooks Folder search for files that contain “decrypt” or “instructions” in their name” file type- .html/.txt.


In case these files are found and identifications match it means that you are experiencing virus issues that cause data damage. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support For help.

If Data damage is critical then Intuit Data Services might not help you make sure that you resolve the issue as soon as possible after noticed. 

 If you don’t find these files move to next step that might fix the issue.


Step 2-  Restoration of QuickBooks Backup Company Files


If you have made any recent backup file then you must use it to restore you work done. Restore backup only if you have the recent made file or else you will lose all your data between backup and issue date.

When backup is done see that if you are still experiencing QuickBooks error code -6150, -1006 . If error is encountered again try next step.


Step 3- Using the Auto Data Recovery option


Our QuickBooks Data recovery team will help you to recover all your damaged file using a specific Auto Data recovery tool authorised to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Our Data recovery team will make sure that all your issues are fixed properly and won’t come up again. As your problem is resolved you can start using QuickBooks on your system.

QuickBooks Is not responsible for any harm caused to software by third party software. And files lost will be hard to recover. Make sure to always backup your company files or if you want Quickbooks Support team to go ahead and help you in to  Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150, -1006 without any data loss please contact.

QuickBooks Support phone number 1-800-416-8574


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