How To Find Missing License/Product Number For QuickBooks

A product number can be defined as a key for your copy of QuickBooks as it states that you are using a genuine copy of QuickBooks. As QuickBooks is a pay to use software, we have added this license number verification for safety to Find Missing License/Product Number for QuickBooks please read below.

A license/product number is very important while installing your copy of QuickBooks. In this article, we will help you to find your product number.

To Find Missing License/Product Number For QuickBooks

1. Locate your installation number

Installation/product number can be found on-

The original QuickBooks Packaging- You can find your license number at the back side of QuickBooks original packaging in a scratch-off sticker added next to your UPC code

 Find Missing License/Product Number For QuickBooks

2. Email Confirmation-  Product number can also be found in the confirmation email sent to you by Intuit while you purchase the product.


3. First Computer where product was installed

  • The first computer in which QuickBooks was originally installed can become useful if you are looking for the Product number.
  • Insert your QuickBooks CD into CD-ROM drive and wait for the installation process to start automatically.
  • Choose the option “Reinstall”.
  • Copy down the License number and the product number from the reinstallation window and then click on cancel.


4. Email for fulfillment-  If you are using the Canada version of QuickBooks then you can retrieve your product and license number through fulfillment email sent when a new version was launched in case you have subscribed for a monthly or annual subscription.

If you are not able to retrieve your installation number

In this type of situation, the first step to take should be to contact QuickBooks technical support to help you recover your QuickBooks license, this is important because you will not be able to use your copy of QuickBooks without a license number. At our customer service, we will provide you full assistance for retrieving license or any other lost data.


  • In case you try using license lookup for license number through your phone number but it was unsuccessful, you can try and log into your account to find the information.
  • In case you are not able to log in into your account to find information then the only way to get the information is QuickBooks Technical Support.
  • Before calling the customer support please make sure that you have a valid proof of product purchase in order to get the information.
  • In case you have purchased you QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point Of Sale directly from Intuit then you should have Intuit Packaging Slip which contains your Order Number. This could be used as a proof for purchase.
  • In case you have purchased the product from a local retailer then you must email your Proof of purchase like the bill to ProAdviser at QuickBooks Technical support to get your license number.


Valid Proof For retailer purchase-

  • Sales receipt or invoice from the store.
  • Bottom of the box where your UPC code is available.
  • The CD holder where the license number is supposed to be.
  • The actual CD which you purchased.


Contact QuickBooks Technical Support  for more queriesIn case you are not able to Find Missing License/Product Number For QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Technical Support on 1-800-416-8574


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