(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Why does small and medium scale business need Quickbooks?

In general, Quickbooks is useful accounting software which is used by many small and medium businesses. You can use this application for running Payroll, to track your daily expenses and also the revenue you are generating. Also, QuickBooks takes care of most of the time-consuming activities by creating bank reconciliations, plus you will save money by not hiring an accountant or a bookkeeper.

How Quicken and Quickbooks are different from one another?

These two are different in lots of aspects. The first one being, Quicken is used to maintain a chart or data about an individual’s personal expenditure. However, QuickBooks is particularly designed for small and medium scale business to track down their daily business expenditure and income. Quicken cannot track down inventory or create Payroll as Quickbooks does.

Is an Accountant required to be able to use Quickbooks?

Quickbooks has a user-friendly interface and it’s not difficult to understand how Quickbooks acts, neither you have to learn to account or hire an accountant in order to be able to use Quickbooks. This is one major reason why small and medium scale businesses prefer using this friendly application. You can start by using the 30-days free trail service of Quickbooks.

Should you enroll for a Bookkeeping crash course?

Quickbooks comes with a small business bookkeeping guide, which we will suggest you go through. It’s always better to learn more for the benefit of your company. This guide will help you to understand everything that you need to learn about your business inflow and outflow, also how to create a chart and then to read those statements. It’s for your own benefit.

In order to start with QuickBooks, you can first start off by getting the free trial version. QuickBooks have helped tons of small and medium scale business to track their financial expenses and income. It’s fine if you don’t have an accounting degree, QuickBooks is easy to understand and ready to use. You can browse through the four versions that we have talked about earlier and then proceed. Pick the version that suits your business and get started. If you need further assistance please contact QuickBooks Customer Service on 1-800-416-8574