How to convert QuickBooks Mac company file to QuickBooks Desktop For Windows

In this article, we will teach you how you can convert QuickBooks Mac company file to QuickBooks Desktop For Windows. This file conversion is a important step that you have to go through if you are switching to windows QuickBooks from QuickBooks Mac. In order to convert the file properly only use the recommended method to prevent data loss or data damage. If you are facing any trouble related to file conversion you Should contact QuickBooks Support on 1-800-416-8574.

Steps to convert QuickBooks Mac company file to QuickBooks Desktop For Windows-

Step 1- Update QuickBooks

Before converting your company file to make sure that you have a updated version of QuickBooks Mac –

Open QuickBooks Menu.

Select Option “Check For QuickBooks Update”.

If any update is available click on “Install Update”.
Click on “Install & Relaunch” when prompted and wait for the update to finish.

Step 2- Getting the company file ready for conversion

In case you have any memories that are longer than 50 characters or either contain any special characters like “&^%$#@!*” then you must remove them in order to properly convert your company file.

Make sure that you create a portable backup copy of your company file before converting the company file for being safe.

Sear memos that contain special characters-

Open QuickBooks Reports Menu and then select the option “Custom Transaction Detail Report”.

Open the dropdown menu for Dates and then choose “All Dates”.

Simply apply double click on a transaction that has a memo along.

Delete any possible special character from the memo or words exceeding 50 characters.

Click on the save to confirm changes.

Close the selected transaction.

Repeat the same steps for each transaction that has a memo along with it.

Step 3- Converting you QuickBooks Mac Company file

Open your QuickBooks Mac Company file as an administrator.

Open File menu in QuickBooks and then click on Export.
Select the option “ To QuickBooks For Windows”.

In case it is prompted that verification is required for file conversion then you must click on “Verify”.

Give your company file a name and select a location to save the file. Click on save to proceed. Make sure you do not include any special character in the file name.

Enter your password when asked for and then click Ok.

Click on the confirmation window to proceed.

Take the file on any portable storage and move it to windows Pc.

Restore that company file on QuickBooks Desktop.

Here were some easy steps that can be followed to convert your company file. If you want to convert the window company file to Mac read our article about it.

If you facing any trouble in converting the company file or using the company file on your QuickBooks then you should contact QuickBooks Technical Support for further assistance.

Always make sure that both of the systems going through file conversion have the latest version of QuickBooks Running for preventing file compatibility issues.

This will help you to convert QuickBooks Mac company file to QuickBooks Desktop For Windows in case this doesn’t help please call for support


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